Mayser Foam Technology

Over the last forty years, Mayser Foam Technology has established itself internationally as an unconventional, flexible development and production partner for special polyurethane foams and system components with the functions:

  • Sound and temperature insulation
  • Compensation of tolerances
  • Combination of various surfaces and materials
  • Filtration of air and liquids
  • Prevention of slipping
  • Definition of distances
  • Sealing against dust
  • Storage of liquids
  • Protection, padding and lining.

    Our success factors are a high degree of flexibility, wide-ranging specialist know-how, variety of processes, fast development of complex solutions for small and medium-sized production series and expert technical support for the use of our products in automotive, commercial vehicle and industrial applications.

    The development of customised solutions is at the centre of our work - our goals are creative products and satisfied customers.